Cooperative Learning:
The instructional strategy of cooperative learning focuses on having students interact with each other in groups to enhance their learning experience. Technology facilitates group collaboration and communication that provides structure for group authentic tasks.
Great resource for cooperative learning:
Kagan Publishing and Professional Development

  • This is where a complex task requires many roles and responsibilities to complete a project. Using advanced organizers
and rubrics will help groups understand what is expected.

DigiTales – The Art of Telling Digital Stories
Adobe Digital Kids Club: Digital Storytelling
Examples of Kodak Digital Ideas for the Classroom
Apple Learning Interchange

Web Resources
  • Use created web resources to facilitate communication, collaboration and cooperation in the student learning process.

Collaborative Online Projects:
Literature Learning Ladders / Collaborative Project Resources
JASON Project
Learn from Experts:
Ask an Expert
How Stuff Works
My Wonderful World

Intercultural e-Mail Classroom Connections

T4 WebQuest Resources

Student Web Site Creation:
Microsoft Office Publisher
Cool Page

Collaborative Organizing
*These Web resources are often referred to as "Web 2.0" or the "Read/Write Web" because information can be shared and users are able to collaborate online.

Shared Calendars:
*Shared calendars can be used by students to organize activities within their groups from home or school. Teachers can also have access to these calendars for monitoring.
Yahoo! Calendar
Google Calendar
Calendars Net

Shared Bookmarking:
*These are social bookmarking sites where web sites are bookmarked and one link is made to the site that can be accessed by students during the school year at home or at school. Students can also set up "tagged" Web sites on their own social bookmarking site to share with others in their group.

Course Management:
*Teachers can create online learning communities through Web-enabled course management system (CMS) programs.
The Global Schoolhouse

Web-Enabled MultiPlayer Simulation Games
*Games designed for individuals that are simulated, but the human to human interactions are real. The games listed are designed to educate students collaboratively, allowing them to interact with each other for a common purpose in learning.
Girls Inc. Team Up
Civilization III
Building Homes of Our Own
Jigsaw Classroom
PowerUptheGame (Energy,global Warming and Engineering)

Communication Software

Google Tools:
*In order to access google tools, you need to create a gmail account. Once an account has been made, you will have access to Google Calendar, Google Docs, and more google tools.