Generating and Testing Hypotheses:
The instructional strategy of generating and testing hypothesis engages students in complex mental processes where they can apply content knowledge like facts and vocabulary, which enhances their overall understanding of the content. Technology allows students to spend more time interpreting data rather than gathering the data.

Spreadsheet Software
  • Use spreadsheet information to make informed predictions, collect data, analyze data patterns and revise their hypothesis or create a new one.
  • Use interactive spreadsheets to understand savings, investments and interest rates.

Microsoft Lesson Plans for Students and Educators
Internet4classrooms Excel Modules
UEN Excel for Teachers
InspireData Resources
Google Docs/Spreadsheets

Data Collection Tools
  • Use data probes to recognize patterns in science.
  • Participate in Global Collaborative Projects to share and compare data online.

PASCO Science Experiments
MacBooks and Probeware
Probeware Lesson Plans

Global SchoolNet Collaborative Projects
Collaboratory Projects

Web Resources
  • When carefully reviewed, selected and directed, interactive online simulations let students see the outcome of their hypothesis in virtual simulations which can increase student motivation and learning retention.

Marc Prensky/ Digital Game-Based Learning
Social Impact Games for Education
TeacherTap: Interactive Websites, Games, and Activities
Sheppard Online Games and Software
Making History- The Calm & The Storm
Practice with the Catapult
Smog City
The NASA SCIence Files
Building Big
The First Thanksgiving –You are the Historian
By Kids for Kids: How to Invent
Darwin Pond
Zoo Matchmaker
Explore Learning
Interactive Color Wheel
Historical Scene Investigation