Providing Recognition:
The instructional strategy providing recognition focuses on giving students rewards or praise for accomplishments related to the attainment of a goal which positively influences student attitudes and accomplishments. Technology can easily help teachers create personalized and group recognition with postings in or outside the classroom.

Data Collection Tools
  • Students can post their product and then the students in the class can use a rubric or vote for their favorite, best project.
  • Have a class goal that the class can reach when using student response systems.

  • Create an electronic certificate for students

Education World- Teacher Tools and Templates
Certificate Creator
Education Oasis Awards and Certificates
My Award Maker

Web Resources
  • Showcase student work in an online class gallery or online competition.

Apple Learning Interchange Student Gallery
Jordan District Elementary Film Festival
MabryOnline 2007 Film Festival
New Technology High School Student Portfolios

Video Conferencing/ Collaborative Projects
  • Have students communicate with peers and professionals for an authentic audience.

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